Damion Hutcherson

How to Make the Kids Love Exercising


The situation regarding children becoming fatter has become a norm in today’s age. There are some prime culprits contributing here such as more inclination towards watching TV/playing games, junk foods and little time to go outside and enjoy playing. But, the fact is that children really like to exercise. It’s your job to drive them outside and do some physical exertion.

Make it a family activity

One of the biggest reasons children do not go outside and exercise is that they do not get inspiration from you. If you have a habit to sit in front of the TV right after meal, you cannot expect your children to not do the same thing. So, you can gather your family members after every meal and get them outside in the park. It could be a bicycle activity, a ball game or just walk in the park. Do not insist on going out every day in the first week. Try to bring this activity to permanency in a gradual manner.

The active hour

Research shows that the healthy activity of an hour can do wonders for the children if you want them to get rid of fats. So, what are the healthy activities for children? These are activities that get the heart pumping, make the muscles strain and stretch, and bring entire body into action. Running, lifting and jumping rope are the most consideration activities that you can encourage your children to do. You can actually make the children compete with each other during these activities.

Do some counting

Another way you can get your children outside and run is to make them count their steps. A step counter, also known as pedometer, can help your tech savvy children to get engaged in some physical activity for good. Again, you can get your children to compete with each other to find out who gets most steps counted.

Give surprises

Investing in too expensive exercise gear is not wise. Instead, you can buy some cheap materials such as skip rope, skates, a soccer ball or a small trampoline. Keep an eye on the nearby yard sales because there is lot of things that you can find there in order to give your children new exercising activities. It’s better to hide some of these items. Children can get bored. So, when they would complain about repetition of boring activities, you can provide them with one of the hidden items to get up and start playing.

A trip out

Besides a daily activity, you can take your children to trip out in every two or three months. You don’t have to go too far in this trip. A park in your city that your children would never have visited and the city coast are the most preferable places you can choose. You can get your children to play Frisbee or you can engage them in a treasure hunt. That will surely get your children running.